I need to clean my liver and gallbladder now

  1. I read the book called ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ written by Andreas Moritz. A few days ago, I was diagnosed having gallstones in my liver and gallbladder. The book tell me how to clean them. I searched YouTube and found his interview on the book. I will follow his recipe of flush my liver and gallbladder. 
  2. I am a Korean and I am not a English user. I have a question on the word on the book title. What does ‘flush’ in the title mean? Anyone could give me comment on this.  Fortunately  this book was translated in Korean in 2015. 

비전 없는 사회

  2013년이 지나고 2014년이 되었다. 한 해 안녕들하시라고, 덕담을 주고 받지만 새해가 “밝은” 한 해, “안녕한”한 해가 될지 어쩔는지 아무도 알지 못한다. 기적이 일어나면 김기춘 일당과 백설공주를 권좌에서 쫓아낼 수 있을지도 모르지만, 그런다고 희망이 보일까? 안철수가 박정희 참배를 했다는데, 놀랄 일도 아니다. 설사 모든 밑그림이 반-박파…

소스: 비전 없는 사회

Making Writing Prompts Personal

The Daily Post

Every blogger faces it, sooner or later: you feel an itch to publish. You haven’t updated your site in a while. You put on your lucky writing socks, fire up WordPress, flex your fingers, and…

… sit there, staring blankly at the screen. You’re blocked!

(What? Like I’m the only one who has lucky writing socks.)

When you’re blocked, writing prompts are blogsavers. Many bloggers shy away from them because they don’t like the idea of  responding to a prompt — what if it doesn’t inspire you? What if the topic doesn’t fit your blog? But before turning off the computer and putting your writing socks back in the drawer, try these six tips for making any writing prompt your own:

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